Our services

Our services


Project development

The most important part of the building, combines the creation of necessary preliminary and working drawings.


Development of design projects

Creation of the individual design project, which includes selection of materials, creation of drawings, 3D visualization of the room, searching for the necessary details of the interior.


Landscape design

Landscape design will transfigure the area around the house, through the use of different elements.


Electrical wiring installation

Design and installation of electrical networks, in accordance with the features of your home’s structure.


Installation works at weak current

Alarm system, video surveillance, TV, internet – creating the project of the future network, installation of low-voltage devices in accordance with the safety standards.


Heating, drainage, water supply, water filtration

Heating, drainage, water supply, water filtration


Laying of the parget

Mineral gypsum pargeting by machine is the perfect solution of room decor.


Spackling works by machine

A perfect variant for finishing works, exceeds twice the manual way by quality and time spending.


Gypsum plasterboard installation works

Gypsum plasterboard installation works of any complexity and configuration provide unlimited possibilities for the realization of creative ideas.


Projects development from metal products (stairs, lifts, etc.)

Creation of a unique project including all the features of your home.


Art and decorative works

Trimming, working with gold leaf and gold printing, molding is the luxurious decoration of your home, a sign of wealth and refined taste.


Laying the tile, marble, granite

This alow not only to perform the decor of the area, but this will also create an additional protection from environmental influences.


Manufacture of furniture, carpentry

Original manufactures will be worthy decoration in your house. They’ll give it originality and uniqueness.


Fences, paving

This will allow to complete the design of your home, to highlight important details of the territory.

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